Once upon a time S05E12: Souls of the Departed

I ask myself lot of times, why am I still watching this series Then they do something to make me curious. I mean at the end of season 4, I told myself “I am so not watching this anymore” then they went ahead and brought MERLIN! I had been watching the adventures of Merlin prior to that and I was so excited! But alas, I was a bit disappointed at the Merlin story (same for little mermaid). Anyway back to this episode, Emma and friends are in the underworld. Ha!  and all i could think of was “I understand people complain about their wardrobe but it really looked like a play for kids”…after all I watch it because I want to see the fairy tale stories come to life. And it looks like they are trying to get things back to how it was in season 1.

Emma goes to storybrooke-the main cast goes to the underworld

Regina sends people to chase Emma away- Hades sends his minions  to send  them away

Storybrooke and fairy tale people living there-underworld looks like Storybrooke and unfinished business fairy tale people live there

The clock moves when Emma decides to stay-the clock moves when the cast decides to stay and help

Well season 1 was my best season so far…I hope this part will be good#fingerscrossed