Vampire diaries s07e17: Went to the Woods

Previously, the phoenix stone was destroyed which means all the vampires trapped I the  stone are now free to enter the next available  but the vampire in Stefan’s body  isn’t Stefan (Rayna Cruz stabbed him in the last episode) well this should be fun. Alaric and Valerie are looking for how to put Stefan back in his body but Rayna wants to put the vampire in Stephan down, who will get to him first…turns out the vamp in Stefan is a serial killer. Damon goes to look for the real Stefan who is trapped in a drunk’s body who is wanted. Although Stefan is freezing cold and suffering from withdrawal symptoms he uses the opportunity to tell his big bro that he is selfish*i’m sure he doesn’t care


I don’t really get Matt’s role anymore*probably to cause trouble*.This dude in Stefan’s body just reminds me of Silas.

silas st.png


Scandal s05e17: Thwack

Annd! Andrew is back!


So the whole team involved with the Andrew scandal gather to look for a solution. Apparently Abby has taken Olivia’s spot as the president’s lead adviser.

scandal team.png

Olivia also goes to her dad and Jake for help who tell her killing Andrew is the best option. Anyway Andrew doesn’t want to be handled quietly of course so President Grant decides to take the blame for the team and Olivia is too busy trying to handle memories of her kidnapping to think straight when Abby comes to her for advice on President’s plan. Abby finally realizes Olivia her “best friend” doesn’t see her as an equal (*she should have known that since) Olivia tells Abby she can come and work for her when she can’t find a job #when your friend thinks she’s better than you


Abby calms down and tries to show Olivia they are equals by coming up with a plan that  keeps her and the President in the clear but leaving Mellie to take all the heat which is very bad for Olivia as shes Mellie’s campaign manager#bad plan Red, didn’t Liv teach you better.


Liv doesn’t take Abby’s plan well (Abby also told revoked her white house clearance). Liv gathers up her traumatic self and finds another way into the white house and tries to make a deal with Andrew. Andrew feels he’s in a position of power and taunts Liv. I guess he shouldn’t have provoked a woman he scorned. Anyway I’m not surprised committed murder in an angry or violent way. She should have seen a therapist because she hadn’t handled her emotional issues with the kidnapping.  Did she know she would kill him though. I think this Liv’s character has lost herself I’m confused it’s like she’s a shell. Is that just me or that’s what the writers want.

killer liv.png


When a father is proud because you’re like him nowWhen a father is proud because you're like him now

Alex Vargas found out Cyrus may have planned the Franky Vargas shooting and decides to recruit an ally.




Arrow s04e18: Eleven-Fifty Nine

Oh so finally we know why they’ve been showing us the’s the same idol then and now.


So, team arrow knows Malcolm is working with Darhk and is trying to get his idol back and Andy Diggle “helps” the team secure it. Oliver suspects Andy is playing them and decides to question him, unfortunately, John walks in on the interrogation and dismisses Oliver*Uh oh. I hope Oliver is right, this will really damage their friendship if its not.


Malcolm retrieves the idol but there is a piece missing and John tells Andy he hid it. There’s a problem at the prison and team arrow goes to help. Malcolm and Thea continue their complicated father-daughter relationship issues while the rest of the team encounters Damien Darhk. Andy gives him the missing piece and Darhk ends up stabbing Laurel.


Oliver manages to get Laurel to the hospital, and as she recover, she tells him that she has always loved him but she hopes he finds his way back to Felicity. But sadly, she passes away a few minutes later.


OH NO! I knew they were going to kill a main character, but what did Laurel ever do to you! It is so sad. And I really like her, I mean I didn’t like her when she was dating Oliver, I didn’t like any girl he dated because I always wanted him and Felicity to get together,but her character was beginning to make sense! I’m so sad. I didn’t see this coming, she said her final goodbye to Oliver, who will keep the team together now. I will definitely miss her.



Empire s02e12: A Rose by Another Name

Firstly, I think they’ve all forgotten Hakeem dropped his last name. Aww… baby Hakeem changed the logo*troublemaker*.


So this episode wasn’t packed with that much action, the gay community got angry about Jamal playing both teams and he retaliated by exposing daddy about his name(since Lucious was the one who told everyone about Sky). It seems Andre is relapsing after the baby loss and thinks Rhonda is cheating on him.*I still hope Anika character is removed, she killed someone’s baby*.

Yay! Camella is gone after killing Mimi though, I hope she is really gone.  And troublesome Lucious went to ensure Camilla knew it was Hakeem that betrayed her, evil Lucious. Wonder what new scheme will be on next week.


The Originals S03e17: Behind the Black Horizon

Highlights: Klaus and Hayley try to uncover what Lucien has been doing with the werewolf venom while Elijah, Finn, Kol and Davina try to find Lucien, which leads them to Mystic Falls. Turns out, the Mikaelson family was born there*then why do they all have British accent. Elijah and Finn meet Matt, he feels so powerful and thinks he can take on two original vampires*why is his character alive.


Matt decides to help but Vincent already completed the spell and Lucien becomes an Original 2.0 (since he’s faster and practically a stronger hybrid). Finn is beaten by Lucien and later dies from the potent werewolf venom*who did the werewolf toxin enter Lucien since he’s already dead. Oh i forgot to mention there was another potion, I guess we will be seeing annoying Aurora soon. Camille should just go into hiding.


Vincent is tired of being manipulated by the ancestors and asks Davina for help to take the down*I thought the other side was destroyed? where do the ancestors reside. Anyway, I can’t wait for the Mikaelsons to take down Lucien and Aurora, their characters are annoying. I miss the times when Klaus was an interesting bad guy.



The Originals s03e16: Alone With Everybody

This episodes starts Elijah playing a musical instrument a midst all this family chaos, he has to relax somehow, Josh has a silly idea to join the strix. I think he needs to get older and wiser first (I am only saying that because I care), Klaus is wearing a face cap to blend.



Highlights of this episode: Finn attempts making amends to his family (I don’t know who brought him back) but Kol wants revenge as usual (he and Davina seem to think they haven’t hurt anyone). Davina locks Finn in his vamp body damning him to be vampire and crushing his plans to steal a witch’s body. Elijah and Marcel recover the “last” white oak (we know another one will be found or a new way of killing originals will come up) and stupidly Elijah decides to keep it in case Finn wants to use it (probably on his brothers when they start fighting). Vincent is now being controlled by the ancestors because they want to kill the originals (why didn’t they think of that since by the way) and it turns out Lucien might be the scary vampire that orchestrated the theft of the white oak in the first place.#hmm he doesn’t seem scary to me.


My thoughts: It’s like Davina’s purpose in this series is to cause annoying trouble since her character is as evil as the originals but she seems to think shes a saint or good person and Kol is a good vamp as for Lucien being the big bad vampire, I’ll believe in the next episode because he looks easy to control or manipulate #still enjoyed watching though.

Lucifer S01E10: Pops

We finally meet Chloe’s mum (who seems to be more exciting than Chloe) while Chole and Lucifer are working on a case related to daddy issues which means  we end up listening to Lucifer whining about his own daddy issues.


Also Maz seeks a therapist for help. Guess  who!


Choe and her mum get into a fight and little Trixie goes in search for Lucifer but ends up sharing a drink with Maz (who needs a new friend since Lucifer isn’t talking to her).. relax she didn’t drink alcohol.

trix n maz.png

The Decker family share a meal with a potential suspect (whom Lucifer invited)..Lucifer is definitely not normal, at least he doesn’t judge. They still have a “nice” meal with Lucifer with bringing up several family issues at dinner without even sugar coating them #ha. This series is really a police drama with Lucifer trying to make us forget with his constant self absorption which is very tolerable because police dramas can be a bit bland.