The Originals s03e16: Alone With Everybody

This episodes starts Elijah playing a musical instrument a midst all this family chaos, he has to relax somehow, Josh has a silly idea to join the strix. I think he needs to get older and wiser first (I am only saying that because I care), Klaus is wearing a face cap to blend.



Highlights of this episode: Finn attempts making amends to his family (I don’t know who brought him back) but Kol wants revenge as usual (he and Davina seem to think they haven’t hurt anyone). Davina locks Finn in his vamp body damning him to be vampire and crushing his plans to steal a witch’s body. Elijah and Marcel recover the “last” white oak (we know another one will be found or a new way of killing originals will come up) and stupidly Elijah decides to keep it in case Finn wants to use it (probably on his brothers when they start fighting). Vincent is now being controlled by the ancestors because they want to kill the originals (why didn’t they think of that since by the way) and it turns out Lucien might be the scary vampire that orchestrated the theft of the white oak in the first place.#hmm he doesn’t seem scary to me.


My thoughts: It’s like Davina’s purpose in this series is to cause annoying trouble since her character is as evil as the originals but she seems to think shes a saint or good person and Kol is a good vamp as for Lucien being the big bad vampire, I’ll believe in the next episode because he looks easy to control or manipulate #still enjoyed watching though.


Lucifer S01E10: Pops

We finally meet Chloe’s mum (who seems to be more exciting than Chloe) while Chole and Lucifer are working on a case related to daddy issues which means  we end up listening to Lucifer whining about his own daddy issues.


Also Maz seeks a therapist for help. Guess  who!


Choe and her mum get into a fight and little Trixie goes in search for Lucifer but ends up sharing a drink with Maz (who needs a new friend since Lucifer isn’t talking to her).. relax she didn’t drink alcohol.

trix n maz.png

The Decker family share a meal with a potential suspect (whom Lucifer invited)..Lucifer is definitely not normal, at least he doesn’t judge. They still have a “nice” meal with Lucifer with bringing up several family issues at dinner without even sugar coating them #ha. This series is really a police drama with Lucifer trying to make us forget with his constant self absorption which is very tolerable because police dramas can be a bit bland.

Dc legends of tomorrow s01e10: Progeny

This episode the team travel to 2147 and ponder on killing a young boy who essential to Savage’s take over. As usual the team “try” to stop Savage’s plan but they don’t succeed, guys isn’t it time for a new strategy as going back and forth in time has no effect.

Dc legends of tomorrow S01E09: Left Behind

Previously, Sara,Kendra and Palmer were left behind in 1958 because Chronos was attacking the ship. So Chronos kidnapped Snart and did something to the ship so now the remaining are free falling through time#i don’t get it as well.

Back in 1958, Sara leaves as she suspects the team is dead. Ray Palmer becomes a lecturer and is “married” to Kendra.  Two years later, the rest of the team try to fine those left behind. One question, if those on the ship have been falling through time for two years, why haven’t they aged, why weren’t they hungry?

Apparently, the new Chronos is Rori. Turns out Snart coldent kill his partner, I knew it! The rest of the team drag try Sara from Nanda Parbat annd! Everything is back to normal. Rick and the gang head to 2047 to stop Savage


Quatico S01E16: Clue

This episode focused on the academy and of course the continuous failing to catch the terrorist. Let us begin.

I don’t get Perales and Alex’s relationship she’s behaving like they’re a couple or is it best friends, what is going on there? Is she trying to save him

parallis n alexs.png

I hope Liam has learnt his lesson from sleeping with a student because it seems like Alex is abusing her power over him, it should be expected.


Ryan is coming back as a tutor. Yay! this should complicate things. Do you think the writers have decided who the inside man is,  what if its Ryan or Caleb or Caleb’s dad or mum, what if its someone we don’t know. Anyway we jusy have to keep watching the past-present show.

Once upon a time s05e16: Our Decay

OUAT stage is…weird

OUAT stage is horrible.png

Selena and Hades enjoying bike ride…is…weird…love but Hades seems uncomfortable during the love scenes (it might just be me) and Hades love for Selena is the reason for the storybrooke look does that mean he plans to kill her to. Ok, I’m insinuating

Selena n hades enjoyin byk ride.png

Okay so i’m back to wondering why I’m watching this series? The story has been all over the place, I just don’t get Hades and Selena story (but believe m., I’m happy Selena has someone, but I don’t believe Hades is in love with*I’m sure he probably does but something doesn’t fit. Oh and snow and charming remebered that they had another child*really happy for them, does anyone think Emma doesn’t really care about her baby bro. theres just no sibling bond*forgive me it may be the age difference between them