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Five New Shows You Should Be Watching


If you love drama and TV shows as much as I do, Here a my favorite new series.

5) Black Lightning

An honorable mention, this show has some good and bad moments like any other. I recommend if you are a superhero fan. Hopefully, CW doesn’t plan a crossover for the show. I personally feel crossovers should be between Arrow and The Flash no more, no less.

4) Dynasty

Yes it is a reboot of the 80s show but, there’s always a secret or scandal lurking in the corner even when you think Nah, they can’t top this, and then they actually do. You’ll think you’re weird until you meet Fallon Carrington.

3) 911

These guys have me reaching for my pillow to cover my eyes. From the emergencies people go through to the lives of the rescuers, I just never know what to expect here.

2) The Resident

A few familiar faces here from Revenge and The Good Wife. This show reveals that some actions doctors take don’t always have the patients’ best interest in mind. I am trying strongly not to go into details!

1) Krpton

The story of Superman’s grandfather; sounds boring I know but one episode will have you  hooked on this beautiful tale. Besides it is not another CW superhero series, you won’t even have any of them in mind during this show.

Comment below on your favorite new show!

Thomas Gibson (Hotch) Fired from Criminal Minds!

Thomas Gibson‘s two-episode suspension from Criminal Minds has become a full-fledged firing. In a statement, ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios — which co-produce the CBS procedural — said, “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds.

via Criminal Minds: Thomas Gibson Fired in Wake of On-Set Altercation — TVLine