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The Originals S03e17: Behind the Black Horizon

Highlights: Klaus and Hayley try to uncover what Lucien has been doing with the werewolf venom while Elijah, Finn, Kol and Davina try to find Lucien, which leads them to Mystic Falls. Turns out, the Mikaelson family was born there*then why do they all have British accent. Elijah and Finn meet Matt, he feels so powerful and thinks he can take on two original vampires*why is his character alive.


Matt decides to help but Vincent already completed the spell and Lucien becomes an Original 2.0 (since he’s faster and practically a stronger hybrid). Finn is beaten by Lucien and later dies from the potent werewolf venom*who did the werewolf toxin enter Lucien since he’s already dead. Oh i forgot to mention there was another potion, I guess we will be seeing annoying Aurora soon. Camille should just go into hiding.


Vincent is tired of being manipulated by the ancestors and asks Davina for help to take the down*I thought the other side was destroyed? where do the ancestors reside. Anyway, I can’t wait for the Mikaelsons to take down Lucien and Aurora, their characters are annoying. I miss the times when Klaus was an interesting bad guy.



The Originals s03e16: Alone With Everybody

This episodes starts Elijah playing a musical instrument a midst all this family chaos, he has to relax somehow, Josh has a silly idea to join the strix. I think he needs to get older and wiser first (I am only saying that because I care), Klaus is wearing a face cap to blend.



Highlights of this episode: Finn attempts making amends to his family (I don’t know who brought him back) but Kol wants revenge as usual (he and Davina seem to think they haven’t hurt anyone). Davina locks Finn in his vamp body damning him to be vampire and crushing his plans to steal a witch’s body. Elijah and Marcel recover the “last” white oak (we know another one will be found or a new way of killing originals will come up) and stupidly Elijah decides to keep it in case Finn wants to use it (probably on his brothers when they start fighting). Vincent is now being controlled by the ancestors because they want to kill the originals (why didn’t they think of that since by the way) and it turns out Lucien might be the scary vampire that orchestrated the theft of the white oak in the first place.#hmm he doesn’t seem scary to me.


My thoughts: It’s like Davina’s purpose in this series is to cause annoying trouble since her character is as evil as the originals but she seems to think shes a saint or good person and Kol is a good vamp as for Lucien being the big bad vampire, I’ll believe in the next episode because he looks easy to control or manipulate #still enjoyed watching though.