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Suits “P.S.L” Review

This was a very eventful episode. Mr Bailey got his day in court for one which was probably the first time I really saw Jessica in court. Most of what I remember are depositions and settlements, however this her last case showed her in a brilliant light that leaves me depressed that she’s leaving the show. So what does it mean for Suits.

First of all, it is a loss of strong female character, although there’s still Donna, but there’s always a need for a strong and high ranking feminine lawyer (which isn’t Louis) on the show. Secondly, leaving Harvey and Louis to run the firm will just lead to listening to a bunch of guys shouting at each other and everyone  when things go wrong which will be almost every time and will lead Donna becoming their mother as she keeps her boys from killing each other. Thirdly, we aren’t just losing Jessica; we are losing those amazing outfits she wears. Whose outfit will get me through a boring episode now?