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Once upon a time s05e16: Our Decay

OUAT stage is…weird

OUAT stage is horrible.png

Selena and Hades enjoying bike ride…is…weird…love but Hades seems uncomfortable during the love scenes (it might just be me) and Hades love for Selena is the reason for the storybrooke look does that mean he plans to kill her to. Ok, I’m insinuating

Selena n hades enjoyin byk ride.png

Okay so i’m back to wondering why I’m watching this series? The story has been all over the place, I just don’t get Hades and Selena story (but believe m., I’m happy Selena has someone, but I don’t believe Hades is in love with*I’m sure he probably does but something doesn’t fit. Oh and snow and charming remebered that they had another child*really happy for them, does anyone think Emma doesn’t really care about her baby bro. theres just no sibling bond*forgive me it may be the age difference between them

Once upon a time s05e15: The Brothers Jones

So we finally meet Hook’s brother, Liam. I’m not sure if we’ve met him before and he doesn’t approve of Emma’s relationship with his brother. Hades recruited or blackmailed Liam-hooks self righteous brother to destroy pages about him  in the book the rest are trying to find (apparently they’ve met before the underworld). Liam destroys the pages for Hades but his hidden past still comes confront him. Aww…so he isn’t as good as everyone (Especially Hook) thought.

Anyway Liam confesses and moves on while Henry plans to recreate Hades story so the team can find what he was hiding in the first place. Honestly OUAT needs to work ontheir graphics#no offence


Once upon a time S05E14: Devil’s Due

Who ever thought Neil’s mum  (aka Rumples first wife and Hook’s former lover) would return to OUAT.  I wonder where this goes.


Moving on, at this moment I feel like i’m watching Percy Jackson


This episode was a drag but my best moment was when Rumple introduced Emma to Milah, how would you treat a woman that has slept with your ex and your son and has a child with your son.  Rumple has been waiting for this moment. Ha!


Emma finally evaluating the loves in her life:  “OMG I’m weird”



Milah decides to help rescue Hook but Rumple throws her in the sea of lost souls#sad. Rumple, rumple, when will you learn not to make the deal with the devil. You should know better. I will be happy when what you did to Milah blows back on your face why does she always suffer in Rumple’s hands.  Hahah. Rumple’s deal with Hades blew back against him, that didn’t take long unfortunately it involves Belle as well. Aww..belle is pregnant.

Once upon a time S05E12: Souls of the Departed

I ask myself lot of times, why am I still watching this series Then they do something to make me curious. I mean at the end of season 4, I told myself “I am so not watching this anymore” then they went ahead and brought MERLIN! I had been watching the adventures of Merlin prior to that and I was so excited! But alas, I was a bit disappointed at the Merlin story (same for little mermaid). Anyway back to this episode, Emma and friends are in the underworld. Ha!  and all i could think of was “I understand people complain about their wardrobe but it really looked like a play for kids”…after all I watch it because I want to see the fairy tale stories come to life. And it looks like they are trying to get things back to how it was in season 1.

Emma goes to storybrooke-the main cast goes to the underworld

Regina sends people to chase Emma away- Hades sends his minions  to send  them away

Storybrooke and fairy tale people living there-underworld looks like Storybrooke and unfinished business fairy tale people live there

The clock moves when Emma decides to stay-the clock moves when the cast decides to stay and help

Well season 1 was my best season so far…I hope this part will be good#fingerscrossed