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[Spoiler Alert!] Batman V Superman Review


I decided to watch Batman V Superman after a lot of debate as I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel, I didn’t bother rushing to watch this. But honestly, I can’t say I am disappointed, probably because my expectations were extremely low. Let me get to my review before I bore you more.

First of all, I wish they skipped the first hour of the movie. I understand they were trying to paint the premise of the fight so we’d understand but to me it was just a waste of time especially at the first five minutes which was plainly reliving a fighting moment from man of steel. Also, it seemed the actors were using “pained faces” as opposed to communicating during that first hour.



I was expecting to see a lot of superman powers and batman gadgets but most of the action involved gun fights and explosions…until the last few minutes. So it was like the director remembered last minute it was a superhero movie with need for a showcase of superhero powers.

I do hope that one day we will have a superman movie without General Zod or Doomsday or Lex Luthor being the main antagonist. There has to be another villain in the superman story that is interesting. Moving on from hopes and dreams…I didn’t really understand Lex’s role in this film was it just provide crazy man ramblings?

Honestly Batman (Ben Affleck) just overshadowed Superman (Henry Cavill). Wasn’t supposed to be balanced? I had the impression I was about to watch Man of Steel 2, however it was just a Batman movie featuring Superman. It should have just been named Batman: Dawn of Justice. Additionally, I am not enjoying Zac Synder’s version of superman and batman, it seems his version of this characters look sad and fight with minimum communication in-between, I don’t even understand the Lois and Clark romance…it just appeared out nowhere, it just feels like they are together because the script says so and not because they truly care about one another. It is almost a waste of Henry Cavils talent; it looks like he was underused simply because Ben Affleck is a bigger name than he is. I just wish Christopher Nolan could direct the subsequent films.


Did you notice Bruce Wayne was chatting online with Wonderwoman when he was supposed to be waiting for Superman? He is definitely great at multitasking.

I don’t mean to compare Marvel to DC but at least in Captain America: civil war, I understood why they were fighting each other. But here I only understood that Bruce was angry his employees died and superman had the power to help or kill them but Bruce decided to end superman before he could “think” of killing humans one day and Lex somehow manipulated things so ‘the bat and the god’ could kill themselves and then what? How did Lex and the bat even cross paths? I guess being rich is enough right?


Lets stand and pose instead of looking for the spear that can kill it.

Did anyone notice that after the pose the bat was just standing and watching for a few minutes until Lois and Clark somehow got the spear? They must really have great team dynamics for people who barely speak to each other as they didn’t need to talk to one another about a plan to kill doomsday, but did it together anyways. So with mixed feelings, I will be watching Justice League simply out of little curiosity and not out of excitement.