How to Get Away with Murder “Don’t Go Dark on Me”

Hi Guys!  Happy new year! I know it’s late in January but this is my first post this year.

So, let’s get right to it. We found out it was Miller who died that fateful night and now with some evidence, it is beginning to look like Miller was innocent after-all. But what’s wrong with Nate and Bonnie, couldn’t they have just interrogated him instead of  killing him, has Nate forgetting that he abandoned his father for years? But , honestly, I feel bad for Bonnie,  she really cared about him, couldn’t she have asked questions first. I know her past makes her feel she’s unlovable, but this will break her because she strangled the first person to truly love her. For her sake I hope he’s guilty.

As for good looking Gabriel, he’s starting to look like a Wes replacement and now that we know who he really is, he doesn’t seem like a powerful schemer…or am I getting it wrong?

Till next week then.


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