Arrow “Level Two”

Help! Arrow has been broken, I don’t understand what is going on anymore and why.


First of all, Felicity unhinged has become very unattractive. She’s too rattled about the recent happenings, not that I blame her but we’d like to see the old and rambling Felicity


Secondly, Olly you’re more strategic than this. I hope you’re playing the doctor if not i’ll be disappointed you told him all your plans within minutes of meeting him, hang in there, you’re much stronger than you look. Hang in there buddy.


Finally, what’s with the old faces? And does this mean little Diaz defeated Oliver and Felicity? If it’s true, it will be very sad because his reign spanned decades instead of one season alone. I hope this mess is fixed soon so we can go back to regular Arrow.


Till next week then.

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