Empire “The Depth of Grief”

I am extremely glad about this episode because it felt wholesome, not as if they already had a season finale concept and the writes were just looking for how to pass the time. I appreciate how the characters have developed personally and in their relationship.

Do you ever get the feeling these to are a version of Cookie and Lucious? With the way these to break up and make up…I hope they can sort their issues and stay together though.

And what do you think about these two? Is he really helping her son or he’s just into the Mum? I feel it is both, it is rare to find people that help without ulterior motives. But, hey! Good luck Andre I want to see you happy.

And these two are so cute, I can’t believe they popped the question and the same time.

Sigh…I didn’t want this episode to end, hopefully the next will continue at this pace. Till next week then!


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