The Flash “Blocked”

So, I will try not to dwell on the fact that The Flash and Arrow have similar story-lines this season. I get that they are linked and make crossovers great for the us, but I think the audience deserves better even if CW doesn’t care about their image.

Back to this episode. Things definitely picked up, probably because we got to see Nora drive her father crazy. It is kinda weird that the parent-child age difference is less than ten years but Barry and Iris pull it off extremely well. But my favorite moment was when Barry went to Joe for advice and Joe gave him a look that said “welcome to the world of parenting.” Joe is a great father and grand father.

So it is another season, the enemy has a face and no name, we already know he wants to kill metas what we don’t know is why? Can anyone guess? Please leave your comments below.

Till next week then.


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