The Originals “What, Will, I, Have, Left”

Elijah is the stupidest vampire to ever walk the planet. He is a very huge fool. He wipes his memory then figures out who he is without wondering why he walked away from family in the first place, then he just vows loyalty to his stupid girlfriend that is always afraid and sad. I hope he gets his memory back and then remembers his stupidity for the rest of his immortal life! Couldn’t he have lived by himself, does he always need to be co-dependent?

That being said, what is wrong with The Original writers and CW as a whole, I blame you for ruining this series which had the potential to be greater than Vampire Diaries (that you also ruined as well). But Elijah wiping his memory was utterly infuriating and then you had the audacity to remove Hayley after the first episode just to kill her after weeks of not seeing her, for what? For us to see more of stupid Elijah!! I am disappointed and I am sure we won’t miss the show when it ends.

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