Scandal Series Finale

I am so happy Scandal is over now. I will miss having more series to watch but the show needed to go. This season really took a down turn for me. I felt like the writers had forgotten who the characters were. Liv going from I’m a bad ass killer and fixer to crying because she couldn’t fix the ruckus Cyrus caused! I wanted to shake her to wake up at that point.


The episode felt like the end of a season rather than the series. I am kinda disappointed and confused. Why is Liv’s portrait here instead of First Lady Melly? And Why did Jake end up in prison just because he was always everyone’s number two, I am pretty sure he can escape from prison when he wants to. And why did Cyrus just have to resign, he needed to die or be in prison! For me the biggest win here is the show is over. The first few seasons were the best, and these two exchanging their sexy Hello, Hi greetings won’t bring up any nostalgia.


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