Lucifer “The Angel of San Bernadino”

It is high time Lucifer writers stop teasing us with the Chloe and Lucifer drama. They should find a way for them to be together without ruining the series or just make them friends already! This episode was just painful to watch. From getting angry with the forced Pierce and Chloe romance (I love Tom Welling from his Clark Kent days but these two have no chemistry!!!) to Lucifer literally losing his mind. This episode was torture to both him and me because it felt like it was too late for him to tell Chloe about his feels and of course I don’t want Pierce and Chloe together anyway.


On that note, I suggest that team Lucifer focus on daddy issues and homicide cases if they aren’t going to give us the couple we deserve.

PS: Maze will always end up alone because she can never put others first yet she wants them to put her first. Betraying Lucifer that way is a very low blow. Amenediel and Linda should start dating again, her friendship is not worth saving.

Till next week then.



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