Suits Review: “The Statue”

I’m extremely happy Suits is back and that it doesn’t have the regular September/October start dates as the other series because I’ve been extremely bored. It is also surprising to see that they haven’t run out of stories especially since Mike is now a real lawyer now and it’s amazing to see Harvey and Mike working on the same team with different cases to handle even though they work great together…I’m just proud of the progress the characters are making, which could be because Harvey and Louis have therapists which they both need, hopefully it helps them make better decisions. However, I don’t know how long Harvey’s relationship with his is going to last as we know the probability of him messing it up is very high and I feel no woman as perfect for him as Donna is.


Good episode and it was lovely to see Jessica and her amazing dresses even though I’m afraid now that I’ll be looking forward to seeing her in flashbacks.

Till next week then!


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