The Flash S03e11 Review: “Dead or Alive”

I truly prefer this half of the season compared to the last. Last year felt like The Flash was crawling but this year they’ve started to pick things up. But there still is still room for improvement especially with Wally’s Kid Flash. I love Wally but when he’s Kid Flash he’s just too cheesy and over enthusiastic and it doesn’t help that they’re giving him more screen time to emphasize his importance. I wish they’d tone it down and keep Barry as their main performer because he basically functions as Iris’ boyfriend and protector right now.


Let’s talk about Cisco and his taste in women. I have to say I like Gypsy and I am proud of his flirting skills, I mean they’re not perfect but it takes serious guts to flirt with someone (who is more powerful than you) while they’re attacking you. Loved the episode, till next week then!

P.S: I’m not really looking forward to the crossover with supergirl


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