Arrow S05E10 Review:”Who Are You?”

Yay! Arrow is back and we can now find out how Laurel is alive. Sadly it is a simple reason; it is earth-two Laurel who is working with Prometheus.  For a character that is dead she has appeared so many times this season, it is almost as if CW can’t let Katie Cassidy go or still regrets killing off the character. Anyways, it is always nice to see her, she even made Felicity a little jealous which is a huge plus for me.


Finally Curtis has decided to quit or slow down the fighting and use his brain power, which is great because he really looked silly in the costume and wasn’t good at it. About this Prometheus dude (that everyone seems to think is Tommy Merlin) how come beating him so difficult for Oliver. I mean having taken out Ra’s Al Ghul how is Prometheus a serious fight for him. Sigh! Till next week then.


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