The Flash S03E10 Review: “Borrowing Problems from the Future”

Watching The Flash felt really relaxing like the old days, the episode was a great improvement on the earlier ones this season. I am happy Wally now has powers but the downside is that it makes the show a little crowded fortunately it is not as crowded as Arrow. Barry seems a slower, not faster with Wally’s help, perhaps Wally should have gotten the powers at the series finale. About Julian joining the team, well good for them, I am still confused about him joining the series but good luck with that.

So the team really believes they can change the future, let’s see how far they go avoiding the events/mini spoilers they’ve mapped out but one thing for sure won’t change which is the date of the season finale a.k.a the day Iris dies. And who is this searching for HR, I’m guessing she’s his partner from his earth.


Well till next week then.



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