Blindspot S02E11 Review: “Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord”

Hmm…Blindspot! I won’t feel bad if the show is cancelled because a lot of things aren’t thought through like Weller having 3 different love interests (Jane, the baby mama and Nas). See, I understand the romance between him and Jane and even the baby mama since they had history, I just don’t get why they’d bring a baby into the picture and how Nas and Weller are an item especially since it is extremely obvious he has feelings for Jane. As for Jane, I wish she’d just kidnap her brother and they’d both leave the country because the FBI will use them till they die.


Oh let’s not forget Tasha and Edgar. It is safe to say that Tasha is fooling herself by trying to convince us that she has no feelings for him. She can’t even stay away from him for long, hope she comes clean before it is too late. I actually wish the writers pursued the Tasha and Edgar angle instead if Weller and his many lovers.


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