Blindspot S02E10 Review:”Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron”

Things are looking up in Blindspot, for starters Patterson was the one who got shot! Don’t worry she didn’t die, she just tortured by Shepherd and I am proud to say she held her own and Nigel the traitor is deceiving himself if he thinks he has no feelings for her.


On Jane zipping Roman, so far that has been a terrible idea and she had to lie about who took a away his memories as well. Good luck Jane. Oh about Edgar kissing Tasha! I don’t blame him, I mean Tasha has gone out of her way to complicate their friendship through her constant “care”, it just surprised me that it was Edgar that made the move though. Who can blame him, he almost died recently.


So for me this was a good start but can sandstorm just carry out their phase 2 so we can move on to other things in the show… but not to the numerous relationships between the main characters though, till next week then.


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