Scorpion S03E12 Review: “Ice Ca-Cabes”

I haven’t been following Scorpion for a few weeks and watching this episode really made emphasis on the fact that I am not missing much by dropping the series. Things have changed and not for the better. One would think that Tim leaving would restore the team dynamics but it simply turns Paige into a b***h; she’s even more annoying than before. Why is she pissed that Walter’s attitude chased Tim away when deep down she knows she has strong feelings for Walter and where did the Tim and Paige love come from. There is no chemistry or sense there; it is just a forced barricade to ensure that the real love birds don’t get together. It is sad but I’m not sure I can keep on watching the show if all they do is go round in circles hanging Paige and Walter’s awkwardness above our heads.


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