The Flash, Arrow, Legends Crossover Review: “Invasion”

The Flash

So the highly anticipated crossover week has come and gone, leaving me with mixed feelings. My first thought when I was watching The Flash was ‘REALLY! ALIENS, LIKE GREEN ALIENS, hollup! Is this the X-Files?


I was a bit disappointed because the best part of the previous crossovers were Oliver and Barry going head to head and then then fighting together but there were too many people involved to give our favorites more screen time.


Arrow was the best part of the crossover! I  got to see all the people we’ve missed except Tommy Merlin, at least they mentioned he’s a Doctor in Chicago (very funny guys, if you miss Tom he’s playing a doctor in Chicago Med, I love the show). It was nice to see the whole Queen family, even Malcolm and of course Laurel! She looked really good and happy. I wish she and Oliver were really getting married because Felicity messed up!


*Did you notice Supergirl’s unnecessary slow motion arrival?


The best part for me for during this episode was when Olly told Supergirl to stay back, she’s so used to everyone being nice to her but Olly needs to work on treating newbies in a polite manner (just kidding I love those moments he gives newbies a hard time).


And why is Barry’s flashpoint a huge deal this season, can we move on from that and enjoy the show? Because the legends do a lot of damage to time but they don’t seem to cause alien invasion damage. So there you have it! It wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped, maybe next time they could concentrate on Arrow and The Flash, they’re obviously more entertaining than the other two, or next time pair Legends with Supergirl so they can bore themselves out.

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