The Flash s03e07 Review: “Killer Frost”

I’m very disappointed with The Flash this season especially with Savatar, his appearance just makes the show have more similarities to a cartoon show. So Killer Frost made her debut! And as cold as she is she’s still a sweet heart, she couldn’t even kill Barry, hmm do you think she would have killed Cisco? Anyway I just felt this episode was just used to keep us busy while they prepare for the crossovers which hopefully shouldn’t be as disappointing as CW’s superhero series this season.

P.S: We already knew Julian was Alchemy last week when someone mentioned he wasn’t picking up but what I don’t get is why he didn’t react when Caitlin kidnap him, probably because he’s being mind controlled. Oh and if Savatar is the god of speed, why can’t he just take Barry’s powers instead of doing whatever he’s up to, it’s like Zoom all over again.


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