Lucifer S02E09 Review: “Homewrecker”

Lucifer’s mom really has to go, I only enjoyed her craziness when she first appeared but now she is just an irritant. And why does she have to remind us that she’s a mother with sons, we know that already no need to repeat it!

When a self-absorbed person finds love

So I think Lucifer finally realized he had major feelings for Chloe, I thought he already knew that last season when he prayed and made a deal for Chloe’s life, and now momma wants to get rid of her. Smart plan mum, because Lucifer won’t find out and kill whoever causes her harm. So will she blow Chloe up? We know Chloe will survive if she does or come back from the dead or realize she’s a mystical being. Anyway where has Trixie been, I miss her, till next week then.



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