The Vampire Diareis S08E05 Review: “Coming Home Was a Mistake”

Dear Elena, could you get your friends to stop worshiping you and end the series as well. They don’t have much going for them anymore. Damon and the siren just remind me of when Stephan was moonlighting as Silas. This siren story makes no sense at all; I thought Damon forgot about Elena due to his mind control so why is he thinking about her this week.


Alaric and Caroline need to be better parents I know they’re handling a lot but Seline just used the kids to burn a body and has now kidnapped them. Seline is simply pure evil, I hope they get rid of her and her family by the winter finale because I can’t handle a whole season of these guys. When is The Originals starting it has to be way better than this.


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