Blindspot S02E09 Review: “Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform”

I know this episode was meant to be exciting but it took me almost three hours to complete the episode. That was because I found the mole boring. Apart from the fact that Dr Robert was the obvious choice for the mole as he’s the only one close to the team. It would have been shocking if it was Tasha, Edgar or Patterson and that wouldn’t have made any sense.


I wonder how Sandstorm believes their good if they keep on killing so many people. And what was Jane thinking dosing Roman with the forgetful potion, he will probably end up being a mindless killer and it was just a stupid idea to me, so what is next for him. And what’s with the cliff-hanger?  Who got shot Patterson or Robert? I think Robert got shot and if it was Patterson then I know it isn’t a fatal wound and if it is maybe Roman will take her place.


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