The Flash S03E06 Review: “Shade”

Hmm…everyone on The Flash wants powers except Caitlin of course. They really have good hearts because if I had powers I’d just use it for myself and my immediate environment, no wonder I don’t have them. So Caitlin came clean and was exposed, FINALLY! Now we can focus on other important stuff like how she becomes evil; I know she won’t stay evil for long though.


I know everyone has forgotten about those cops that died trying to help Joe and Wally and it is Joe’s fault for letting them bring guns to a superpower fight. Also, who is this Savitar dude that showed up, he looks like Ultron from The Avengers meets Transformers. I won’t bother making a comment on Wally becoming a cocoon. All I will say is team Flash, it seems like you’re running out of stories and that’s without considering the ridiculous and hilarious HR Wells. Till next week then! Take a look at the new promo.


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