Quantico S02E07 Review: “LCFLUTTER”

Quantico is determined to be more bloody this season with a little bit of torture. I can’t believe Owen gave himself up willingly to be tortured by the kids. I’m a little surprised that it took them a long time to figure out that torturing Lydia would get him to talk fast.


Shelby, Nimah and Shelby just cut Alex out like they history together means nothing. No wonder they didn’t find the ghosts because they were working separately instead of together.  Wrong move guys! Moving on, Ryan gets a call from the AIC and we’re back to an unknown caller giving instructions like we’re still in season one. And I won’t bother going into details of how Miranda is a terrorist because I’m still waiting to hear how that happened. I wonder if the writers have chosen the terrorist leader yet, at least they’re not making us guess who it is every episode. Till the next episode then.


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