The Vampire Diaries S08E03 Review: “You Decided I Was Worth Saving”

My favorite words for this season will be “DIE SYBIL, DIE!!” Sybil is just the worst villain TVD has ever had, that is just sad because I thought Silas, the male and female vampire hunters were terrible. So, have you noticed Caroline has been getting beatings from Damon a lot this season and it doesn’t look like Stephan has a problem with that, Care Bear you need to take this issue up! About Sybil wanting to kill BonBon, I guess she didn’t get the memo that Elena wakes up if Bonnie dies and when that happens, she will definitely lose Damon (I was kinda wishing that by the way).

And I didn’t get why Bonnie was mad at Stephan for picking his brother because it appears as if Enzo fought the hardest when Damon fought the smartest because she and Enzo are the reason Damon lost all his willpower or has she forgotten. And why is it always Damon struggling with humanity, TVD gives us something new and go out with a bang!


Speaking of humanity, Tyler showed up or Damon searched for him to test his loyalty to Sybil I suppose (Tyler looked great; the beard really works for him). But Damon has probably killed Tyler lots of times so this was just a bad test, besides he has died a lot that I thought he was still a werewolf so I was confused when…you know Damon offed him which was disappointing because I watch this show for Damon and if Damon is unredeemable I might as well give up. Till next week then.


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