Empire S03E05 Review: “One Before Another”

Empire is back from the much needed break and they came back swinging! This episode was an empire classic. First of all, the rapper that said “too many artistes are destroying the empire” was right. If a regular actor was playing Xzibit’s role, he would have left after the previous episode but Xzibit’s character still has havoc to cause which is not pleasing to watch. And more confusingly, Nesa is still fighting for him despite the fact that he physically abuses her, hmm.

Dad’s little man

Hakeem may just be the dumbest Lyon out there. I thought Andre was the daddy’s boy but Hakeem was just manipulated lazily by Lucious which resulted to the three brothers fighting while live streaming a performance. I know right, Lucious is a freaking genuius! Anyway the most amusing part for me was the Nesa, Andre and Hakeem triangle. Nesa really never had feelings for baby Lyon but Hakeem never knew that, I guess that’s what happens when you’re used to getting your way.

‘I will fight for you’

Oh and finally, I am happy Cookie finally met a man that will fight Lucious for her. Till next week then!


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