Arrow S05E05 Review: “Human Target”

Did you notice that Olly was actually happy during this episode; I think it had to do with Diggle coming back. I’m pleased he’s back the show sort of feels complete with him and he reduces the spotlight time for the recruits so extra points there. Arrow needs to do something that will shock me because I didn’t even blink when he got killed during this episode. I miss that Raas story-line; then I actually believed he was killed. Sigh those were good times.


About Olicity!!! I seriously hate Felicity right now; she doesn’t deserve Oliver’s love. She has been getting some and feeling happy with her bf while Oliver was there waiting for her to come back to him. I just wish he’d start dating (but not that reporter lady though), maybe then Felicity will realize what she lost and I hope she has to wait for him to come back to her then. I never thought the day would come that I’d dislike Felicity so much. Anyway this was my favorite episode this season, looking forward to next week!


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