The Flash S03E05 Review: “Monster”

It is no more a surprise that The Flash made some changes (that we aren’t really happy about) but I’m glad that Julian and Barry are trying to get along; hopefully it doesn’t last for one episode though.


This new version of Harrison Wells is starting to remind me of Elena (Nina Dobrev) from Vampire Diaries; because she also played Katherine and other doppelgangers on the show. And although this new ‘HR’ is the most hilarious version of Harrison Wells we’ve ever had on but I don’t want to see him throughout the season. Surprisingly, I miss the Harrison Wells from season one, he was the most interesting even though he was evil.


About Caitlin, isn’t it time she tells the team about her powers? Because I am getting angry that she’s keeping it a secret and is slowly becoming dangerous. Well, she definitely cannot hide it for long anymore. Summarily, this episode felt a bit more like the old Flash we know and love; give us more of this please and thank you.



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