The Blacklist S04E06 Review: “The Thrushes”

Liz! You’re only fun when you’re on the run with Red or doubting if you’re married to a regular guy or a spy (now that I think of that, how did she forgive Tom for deceiving her all those years?). And I knew it! Aram’s girlfriend was a spy that seems to be a trend for the team anyway good thing she didn’t get away with it for too long.

Liz is really annoying these days with her hate for Red, I can’t believe she was almost feeling guilty for trying to trap Kirk after he killed so many people on her wedding day and also kidnapped her baby. I know she has daddy issues but she’s a mom now and her daughter’s safety should come first. Anyway I doubt it is the last we’ll see of Kirk since he’s in that Redddington box at the post office. Till next week then.



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