How to Get Away with Murder S03E06 Review: “Is Somebody Really Dead?”

First of all when I saw the episode title I was like “Oh, someone might not be dead”, but when I got to the end I realised the HTGAWM team were just messing with us. So Asher is safe and since we’re talking about Asher, I’d like to say I love him with Michaela. They are a unique combo; he makes her look less like a sass-queen and she makes him less selfish and entitled.

Moving on, this week revealed that Wes could be Laurel’s baby daddy, I feel bad for Wes because Laurel still has feelings for Frank no matter how much he pretends to everyone. And if the HTGAWM team are looking for someone to kill they could get rid of this b****y lawyer instead of a main character. Till next week then!


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