Quantico S02E04 Review: “Kubark”

I know it’s old news but MIRAND IS REALLY A TERRORIST! It is really disappointing that she is because it is a bad move to me, it reminds me of Suits sending Mike to prison (it didn’t work out as good as the writers expected). But in Miranda’s case it is stupid news to me because we watched her throughout season 1; why did she try so hard to stop Liam when she could have just recruited him to her side? And it’s not like they threatened her because her son is dead now. I am just glad Shelby knows has an idea Miranda is a terrorist and hope that it plays out well.


About Ryan and Alex’s mission, I’m sure the whole compound knows their together or working on something because they are always together they really are in love. Till next week guys, looking forward to it, take a look at the promo!


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