Scorpion S03E04 Review: “Little Lost Boy”

Scorpion! You have shocked me for the first time and in a way all those crazy stunts never did, but before I get into that, I’d like to say that how did Paige go from flirting with Walter in the last episode to being lovey dovey towards Tim? She really moves fast that woman. Meanwhile, Walter is getting crazier; did you see his hotdog invention? He needs a serious distraction.

1csmik (1).gif

I would like to say I called it (in my head though)! Happy and Walter are married! But the most shocking part is that Happy is pregnant!!! What will they do if their baby isn’t a genius? Or better still how will Toby and Happy parent the child? They are both unique in their own way. This was definitely a good one, till the next episode then.


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