The Flash S03E03 Review: “Magenta”

I keep waiting for The Flash to pick up but it just keeps happening too slow, this episode showed more promise than the last two and I’m now convinced that this Alchemy dude and the whole flashpoint was a HUGE mistake and if we have to wait till the end of the season because I will be really pissed. Anyway it was nice having Frankie/Magenta on the show because she wasn’t an annoying villain like Alchemy or the Rival.

Let’s talk about Wally’s desperate moment to have speedsters. What was he thinking! I really like Wally and I feel bad for him that Jessie got powers and didn’t, well, be patient dude.



About Barry and Iris…I am really disappointed in how their relationship is going. The writers have dragged their love for each other so much that I prefer them as a “we’re supposed to be” couple because now I feel that’s all the chemistry they have . This is what happens when you drag things instead of just getting straight to the point. Anyway I’m still rooting for them.

In conclusion, it was an average episode…still hoping for better ones. Till next week then.


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