Legends of Tomorrow S02E01 Review: “Out of Time”

Legends of Tomorrow wasted no time in disappointing us. I mean the writers are obviously trying to revive the show but I think new characters are needed because the old ones just make them pick the same old boring storyline. I mean there was much improvement and Oliver Queen’s appearance made it entertaining but much is still expected of the show. Honestly I’ll give the Legends a pass for this episode but the choice of villains is a huge regret for me and I used to think Vandal Savage was bad.


I was extremely happy when Damien Darhk died last season on Arrow but to bring him back to Legends! Haven’t we had enough of him, I know I have. And to think we were through with Eobard Thawne, it would have been manageable if Tom Cavanagh played the part. Maybe the show should just be cancelled. I am not sure I’d keep on watching though.


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