Gotham S03E04 Review: “New Day Rising”

I feel the time to stop watching Gotham is drawing nearer. I probably should have stopped after the first season but my curiosity has no bound! The first impression I got from ‘New Day Rising’ was Mad Hatter again! What did I do to deserve such punishment! With any luck we won’t be seeing him for a while. It also looked as if Penguin got a tan I wonder how he’d be as Mayor…well it is a city for crazy people so there will be no surprises there.


I miss the old Jim Gordon, he has become cold and detached, I know he has been through a lot and what else is there to expect from living in Gotham for too long. In my opinion Gotham should go back a bit to how things were in the first season Hugo Strange’s monsters dull up the show however I was tired of Fish Mooney so I think I should just give on this show.

P.S: What’s with the Nygma and Penguin bromance? It’s a tad bit weird


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