Arrow S05E02 Review: “The Recruits”

Arrow seems to be picking up faster than The Flash this season. I wonder when Oliver is going to find out about Felicity’s new boyfriend or maybe he has already. Can you remember when Felicity made up a story for her new beau? It reminded me of the times in Season 1 when Olly would come up with outrageous stories because he needed Felicity’s help. Hmm I miss those days.


Poor recruits! I feel sorry for them, Oliver would have kicked their butts on another level, I feel Wilddog should have suspected it wouldn’t have been easy since he has been pierced by an arrow and surprisingly Curtis hasn’t quit yet! I am so proud of him. And who the hell is Prometheus? Probably another Batman story but we’ll keep watching anyway because we love Oliver/Green Arrow no matter how mean he is. Till the next episode then.



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