Empire S03E04 Review: “Cupid Kills”

Sadly, Empire is taking a break when we’re interested in knowing what will happen next. I think “Lucifer Lyon” (the name Papa Cookie gave to Lucious, hope we get to meet him one day though, he looks like a swell guy) is feeling intimidated by Angelo’s relationship with Cookie because he keeps on trying to scare him off, unfortunately I think Cookie will always choose Lucious no matter what. My advice to Lucious is if he loves his Cookie that much, he should put a ring on it instead of chasing her when he knows she won’t say yes to him.


Andre shows us his street side this time, who knew a woman, could get him to fight with his fists. I am surprised and I also feel bad for Nesa because she doesn’t know how unstable Andre is, she will probably find out if she sticks around. Oh and I am incredibly glad Shine got his butt kicked.



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