How to Get Away with Murder S03E03 Review: “Always Bet Black”

Michaela is still hung up on her ex (no surprise there),Wes and Laurel’s friendship is beginning to look complicated and Bonnie is saved this week. So Bonnie and Oliver aren’t on the “who is dead?” list but now we have someone that was caught in the fire but I’m more curious about who is going die. I know Laurel has feelings for Frank, hopefully it will die soon, I just hope she doesn’t go off searching for Frank on her own, she has refused to accept that he is dangerous, oh well ,girls will be girls. About Annalise’s client-handling ways, hmm…slapping a client to get him to accept a plea deal…that will definitely come back to hunt her, however we know she can handle that (she’d probably kill someone and burn the house down I guess). Till next episode then.



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