The Flash S03E01 Review: “Flashpoint”

We finally get to see what changed after Barry changed time again, and I am wondering if he’ll ever learn his lesson about time travel. This season premiere felt like a slow start for the season, it would have been much better if Barry visited another earth instead of what happened in Flashpoint even though we got to see Wally as a speedster.


So everything is back to normal (glad the whole alternate reality lasted one episode) except for a few consequences like how Iris and her dad don’t get along. But does this mean Iris doesn’t know about Barry’s powers? Anyway the writers will love the whole Iris situation so far it keeps Iris and Barry apart. You know if they don’t get together soon we’ll get bored and not care about their relationship or be disappointed when they finally get together. Hoping for better episodes than this one, till next week then! Take a look at next week’s promo.


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