Scorpion S03E01-02 Review: “Civil War ” and “More Civil War”

At first I was a bit reluctant to watch this season premiere because I thought almost two hours of scorpion was too much for me but when I started it, it didn’t feel as long as I thought as Scorpion ensured we were entertained all through. Between Toby and Happy’s couple issues and the major awkwardness between Walter, Tim and Paige; the team was almost dysfunctional emotionally. Anyway we learnt a few things from the premiere.

Tip 1: Never try to keep a secret from Toby especially one he badly wants know, he will ask you during your moments of sever pressure.

Tip 2: Never accept a weekend getaway trip from Walter if it seems like he has feels for you, he will end up being a disaster.

Tip 3: Never try to take anything or anyone from Tim, he look for way to get it or the person back.

Tip 4: Never underestimate Sly when you he goes undercover for a mission, he might surprise you.


It was a great start for the season, hope it doesn’t go downhill from here. Till next week then!


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