Lucifer S02E02 Review: “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire”

Like I mentioned in my previous review, I like the new characters this season including Mama Morningstar. Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) gave an absolutely stunning performance in this episode. She made us believe she’s surely Lucifer’s mum plus she’s great at traumatising him and probably manipulating him. However, I can’t tell if all her stories are true yet. But as usual, I have questions like won’t Charlotte’s (a.k.a mama Morningstar’s flesh body) family be expecting her because everyone thinks she’s still alive and how will Lucifer explain Charlotte’s presence to Chloe. Oh and why is Amenadeil losing his powers (best guess is he has sinned a lot). Well maybe some answers will come next week.


P.S: Lucifer has enough women in his circle. Maz is jealous of Charlotte and Chloe, Charlotte is probably wondering what her son feels for Chloe and Chloe who is confused about Lucifer no wonder he has mommy issues.


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