The Blacklist S04E02 Review:”Mato”

The quest to find Agnes is still on and it is still awkward to see Tom and Red work together. I’m not sure I’d ever get used to that. Kirk got really convincing this episode, I almost forgot he tried to kill the people Liz cares about in the process. But I’m still confused. She definitely shot someone when she was a child and why did memories of staying in the house come very quickly. Shouldn’t she have remembered glimpses of the house throughout her life instead of them flooding in when she visited her old room? It is as if they are determined to leave us with more questions and the only way to get an answer is to keep on watching.


About the ‘passing’ of Mr Kaplan… As they (Kaplan and Red) were walking into the woods I didn’t think Reddington could actually kill her. But then he actually shot her! And I was in so much shock because I did not see that coming. We understand why he shot her as he can’t have people believing it is okay to betray Red… And then she moved after she was on the ground (okay okay! It was just a hand) which had me thinking… If Red wanted her dead, he wouldn’t have taken a head shot, or was he so devastated that he missed the shot or did Mr Kaplan wear a vest? Honestly after Liz died and came back it is safe to say I’d just keep on watching to find out. Till next week then! Take a look at next week’s trailer.


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