How to Get Away with Murder S03E02 Review: “There Are Worse Things Than Murder”

Another How to Get Away with Murder episode, which means we can tick off someone from the list of who died in the Keaton house fire? And this week we ticked of Oliver, not that I am extremely happy Olly isn’t dead. Giving that he hurt Connor I don’t have much love for him at the moment. I really thought Oliver and Connor could make it despite everything that has happened however that is not the case. I understand the writers have to show us the least important person that is still alive, so I’ll try not to be too angry and just tune in next week.

Annalise and Bonnie got Laurel to send a needy voicemail to Frank. What are those two up to and is there anyone that Annalise doesn’t lie to? Anyway this led me to a theory about the corpse and the house; I think maybe she killed Frank and tried to cover it up by burning the house or they killed someone to protect themselves or prevent a truth from coming out. Till next week then!

Memorable moment: When the university tried to suspend Annalise. Honestly they should have known better, which reputable lawyer would have gone quietly?




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