Empire S03E02 Review: “Sin That Amends”

Empire has always done its best to portray the reality of the music industry and last night they showed us a small part of police brutality against Blacks which has become a serious issue especially these past few months. I understand the police have experienced their fair share of Black criminals but why should the color of skin be the reason to suspect someone or grossly mistreat a person. Sadly, I doubt if anything will ever be done about it as police officers involved are hardly reprimanded or found guilty. As little as that scene showed about racists cops it left a strong and distasteful vibe.


On a lighter note, I am happy that Cookie may be getting a strong love interest (okay not as strong as Lucious) even though we know Lucious will always find a way to get rid of any guy that is interested in his Cookie but it will be nice to see Lucious jealous especially since he unknowingly gave Cookie and Angelo Dubois another chance to meet. It was a great episode. Till next week then!



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