Blindspot S02e03 Review: “Hero Fears Imminent Rot”

So Jane has to pick a side soon especially after her brother covered for her and subtly threatened her (Ooooh! She’s definitely in trouble now). I have this bad feeling she’ll end up killing Roman just as she killed Oscar. But who knows she can turn her brother (highly improbable though).  Anyway, ‘Hero Fears Imminent Rot’ left me with so many questions. For example:  Why is Kurt always on the field isn’t his new job description meant to me mainly management now since he’s an assistant director?


Why is Tasha always in Edgar’s business? I know their teammates but it looks strange.


And why is Nas always listening to Jane’s sessions with Dr Robert she looks fishier every episode.  Speaking of fishy who do you think the mole is? It can’t be Tasha or Reade. Or could it be Kurt? (Naa!) I think it maybe Robert…because he’s a psychiatrist and we don’t know so much about him. I mean think about it he’s in the best position to inform on Jane and the F.B.I everyone confides in him. We’d just have to keep watching to find out. Till next week then!


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